Summer School Training

Real Estate Investing has many strategies to choose from and each strategy has a multitude of details to understand. Training can be an essential component to your success. We have proven strategies for investors of various stages. We offer group training and personal one on one coaching. We have a few full weekend training sessions per year.

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Summer School Buy & Hold Fundamentals

From Rookie to Rock Solid Buy and Hold Real Estate Investor

What will you learn in Summer School?

Where to Invest:

Becoming an Area Expert ­ Who makes more money? A General Practitioner Doctor or a Brain Surgeon? Easy question, right? The Surgeon because she is focused and specialized. The same goes for investing. The area expert takes on much smaller risks and makes a lot more money than the generalist. In this training module we’re going to help you become the surgeon. Great deals are created not found. This is the secret to creating great deals – knowing a small area better than anybody else.

Building Your Team:

­ We’re on your team but you need more than just great coaches to help you. We’ll walk you through where to find the best people for your team, what to ask and how to leverage their network, expertise and resources.

Funding Your Deals:

What are the options and what is best for you situation? This is an overview of the most critical piece of the puzzle. We’ll take you step by step through funding your deals with the banks and we’ll explain all the other options you have available to you if the banks say no (note: this is not a training program on raising money for your deals; we have an entire weekend workshop and a separate 7 week course to teach that. However, you will be able to speak your banker or mortgage brokers’ language and be able to ask the precise questions to ensure you have all the options and the best rates possible).

Will it Make You Money?

Doing Great Deals ­ Do you know how to calculate cashflow? Many investors think they know but they miss some very important costs or estimate rent incorrectly. That can be a very costly mistake. So can underestimating rent … you’ll pass on deals that would be great. You have to get this piece right. And what about renovations? How do you budget and plan for them? We’ll cover it all in this training module.

Creating Great Deals:

Wonder how some people find deals that cashflow while you can’t find anything on MLS that even looks like it would be worth getting off your couch to see? This is the secret to finding, negotiating and creating deals. We’ll dive deep into how we systematically find deals for under their market value that make us money each month.

Making Money Every Month:

­ Tenants are your customers. Are you ready to serve them? Do you know who you’re looking for and how to find them? Do you need a professional property manager to help you?  If you do, are you ready to hire one that will take care of your property in the way you’d like?  Are you set up to run your real estate business (tracking expenses, managing your business and making money)?  You have to buy the right properties to make money but if you ignore tenants and property management you can still lose money.  You have to actively watch over your investment – in this module we will explain exactly what to do to make sure you make money from your property.

Buy and Hold Training

Most people think summer is time for the cottages and lazy long days. Summer is a great time find deals and make big things happen while other people relax by the lake. I’m not saying you can’t take a day off but I am saying that if you’re committed to setting you and your family up financially for the future, then summer is a great time to get an edge while everyone else that is relaxing in the sun or slacking off at the office. We WILL show you step by step everything you need to choose your market, find your deals and manage your property.

Training Sessions

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